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18 jun 2017

Happy EOFYS - End Of Financial Year Strategy

Many people think about the end of financial year as a great time to take advantage of the End of Financial Year Sales – now just called EOFYS! But the end of financial year can be a great time for aged care residents too.

The rules around gifting for aged care are the same as for social security, which allows gifts of up to $10,000 in a financial year and $30,000 over five years. This means a resident (or prospective resident) could gift $10,000 on 30 June and $10,000 on 1 July, reducing their assets by $20,000 in 24 hours.

Gifting within the allowed amounts can be a great strategy for people whose assets fall between the aged care asset free threshold (currently $47,500) and the first asset threshold of $162,087. It can also assist people whose assets exceed the first threshold but after the gift means that they eligible to be a low means resident.

It comes as a surprise to many but gifting assets can produce an equivalent return of 17.5%.

Let’s look at an example;

Shirley is considering moving into aged care. Her home is exempt as her son is living there. Shirley has $100,000 in the bank and $2,000 of personal assets. Shirley receives the full Age Pension.

Based on Shirley’s Assets and Income her Daily Accommodation Contribution would be $26.20p.d or a Refundable Accommodation Contribution of $165,450.

If Shirley gifts $10,000 on 30 June and again on 1 July her Daily Accommodation Contribution would be $16.59 or a Refundable Accommodation Contribution of $104,764.

By gifting $20,000 Shirley has reduced her Daily Accommodation Contribution by $9.61p.d or $3,508p.a, which is equivalent to a 17.5% return. The equivalent saving as a Refundable Accommodation Contribution is just over $60,000.

Of course if Shirley’s assets were $172,000 then such a strategy could change her from a market price payer to a low means resident – the savings could be even greater but she would need to check if the facility would accept this arrangement.

There is no substitute for quality financial advice.

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