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23 jun 2017

We Need to Talk About Residential Aged Care

The economics of leaving home late in life are difficult to manage, whether it's into a retirement village or residential aged care, there are lots of emotions and equations to sort through.

The government pays most of the costs associated with residential aged care, but there are rules and means tests that affect your estate, your pension and your daily payment fee. And if you're well enough to move into a retirement village instead, you had better look closely at the contract.

Counting the costs of aged care accommodation is the discussion on this week's episode of The Money Show with Richard Aedy on Radio National. Featuring guest presenters Rachel Lane - Principal of Aged Care Gurus, Bina Brown - Director of Third Age Matters, Assyat David - Director, Strategy Steps and Professor Susan Thorp - Professor of Finance at the University of Sydney Business School.

It is a 30 minute show and a really good listen. You can listen to or download the podcast by clicking this sentence.

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