Judy Chooses Her Care

Judy is a part pensioner who is happy to stay at home and receive a home care package in combination with the support she receives from her family. Judy receives a Level 2 package, which provides $40.65 per day towards the cost of her care. Judy owns her home and has $280,000 in a combination of bank accounts and shares.

Judy’s income tested care fee will be calculated as:
$8,347 per year (deemed income from investments) plus $20,245 per annum age pension entitlement (less supplements) equals assessable Home Care Package income of $28,591 per year. Less the income free area of $26,660 per year equals $1,932 income above the threshold.

Multiply the remainder by $.50 and divide by 365. Judy’s income tested care fee would be $2.65 per day.

The cost to Judy of the home care package is $10.32 basic daily fee plus $2.65 income tested care fee equals $12.97 a day or $4,734 per year.

Ongoing Costs
Basic Daily Fee $3,767 p.a. $10.32 per day
Income Tested Care Fee $967 p.a. $2.65 per day
Total $4,734 p.a. $12.97 per day

The total value of the care package duty can receive is $50.97 per day ($40.65 plus $10.32), or $18,604 per year.

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